Monday, December 15, 2008

25 days of christmas

i know, i know.... i'm way behind. this is going to go way past Christmas! who knew the busy season wouldn't be conducive to vowing to blog every day? anyway, today's people are easy, because i love them sooo much..... My in laws, Mark & Marla! when i married my wonderful husband, i not only inherited a great set of in laws but an entire extended family who are equally awesome. their family is huge and they are fantastic. but i digress... today is in honor of mark and marla!
so the top ten reasons i love them are...

10. they're very stylish. she always looks fantastic. i can only hope that when i'm in my fifties i'll look half as good as she does and my husband will dress well!

9. they're great cooks and taught me most of what i know. when we got married, i knew nothing about cooking. so naturally, i found the person who made the best food and watched her like a hawk! she'll tell us she doesn't have any food in the house and then manage to "throw together" an awesome meal, while mark is grilling the best meat you've ever had. if she had a superpower that would be it. seriously, it's that good.

8. they're great grandparents. they take my kids and always finds some fun activity to do with them and they just flourish under the attention. all of my kids were enamored with grandpa mark from a very young age. i realized one day that it was because he was one of the only people in their lives who would drop everything and give them undivided attention. if he's out fixing a car, you can bet one of my kids is out there "helping". his patience is unmatched. she thinks they're the greatest kids, faults and all, which makes me love her even more.

7. she's the queen of bargains and gift giving. it's always fun to shop with her because she will find the best deals and usually will have a coupon in her purse to go along with it. if you met her, you'd think she must spend a fortune to look that good, when in reality she finds all the good deals! mark happily goes along with her, never complaining (like many husbands). i think the secret is that marla lets mark pick the restaurant when they're out shopping:)

6. she's a wonderful mother and he's an awesome father. their devotion to the family and the love they pour out on them is unmatched. they would do anything in the world for their kids and they all grew up to be amazing people because of it. thankfully, my husband has learned how to be a great dad by simply emulating his own.

5. they're very funny! she has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh. he has this wit that comes out of nowhere and cracks me up!

4. they love each other. they have been married now for 30 something years and they are still so in love. they way they look at each other, take care of one another and make each other laugh is an inspiration. their three children have a perfect model of marriage in their parents.

3. they're just good people. whether you need help fixing something (which we always seem to) or an ear to listen, they're there. they have supported us through good and bad, thick and thin, and we always know we can count on them and i hope they know the same about us!

2. they never lecture or nag. they can give excellent advice (hey, they've been there!) while not nagging. that is priceless!

1. they are an example to us all of patience, love, compassion, loyalty, respect... just how to live life and treat others. i am so thankful for them!


Life with Kaishon said...

I just love nice in laws : ). My husbands mom passed away many years ago and I never met her. I do know his Dad but he doesn't really talk to me that much. It could be because I rarely see him : ). We invited him for Christmas and I hope he comes. I am glad yours are so wonderful!

Mom on the Run said...

I love your description of your inlaws...they sound like great people. It's a gift to have involved grandparents. We have two sets of local grasdparents...I am always grateful that we don't need to drive far on holidays to see them.