Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's not rockin eve

well, i was planning to get home tonight and write some inspirational blog about the new year that would make you all want to get healthy, lose weight, get out debt, quit smoking, start a retirement account, yell at your kids less, call your mom more, learn yoga, painting, hangliding and how to ball room dance. but.... our evening was a disaster. the first time in nine years we have had a sitter and a date on new years and it was a mess. so now i feel, well, blah and have nothing inspiring to say. i will say that the last two new years were fun and wonderful and the years that followed... not so much. so my new theory is that since this new year's kind of sucked that means this year will be awesome! hope yours is too :)


SassyMomma said...

AAWWW!!!! That really sucks! =/
I hope your 2009 is better too! =)

Doobie Star said...

I agree! If the evening wasn't all that you anticipated the New Year will only bring good things. Happy 2009 to you and your family!!