Wednesday, December 24, 2008

25 days of Christmas

well, i'm down to my last three! i've made it (although not on the schedule i planned:) today i will tell you all about my sweet little princess... and pricess she truly is (self appointed) when i was pregnant with her, i was praying fervently for another girl. i was pretty sure i couldn't live through another boy. turns out, she's much more like her brother than her sister~ who would've guessed! so the top ten reasons i love her are:
10. she is a perfect mix of brother and her sister. she's all girl as far as loving anything pink or doll related. but she's soo much like her brother in that she is a dirt magnet and loves to play rough and wrestle. you never what you're gonna get with her. most days you'll find her dressed in a tutu with princess heals on with peanut butter in her hair and playing in the mud. she's alot like me in that way, maybe that's why i find it so endearing!

9. she's super funny. her sense of humor is a riot. frequently, she doesn't even know she's being funny, which is even funnier. she loves to do impressions of our family members, which are always interesting from a four year old perspective.

8. she's a born performer. whether she's standing on the kitchen table singing at the top of her lungs or making us all be her customers at her "restaurant", she's destined for the spotlight.

7. she has the cutest speech impediment. now that she's four (or as she would say "fowa") we're trying to really work with her on it. it's really hard to do since they way she says things is so cute! she's always said her L sounds as W. her little BFF, James, also has a speech impediment only he says his L's as Y's. every time we leave their house he says "i yuv you yiyah" and she says "i wuv you james". it's so adorable:)

6. she is such a lover. she always wants to get her blankie and cuddle up on the couch with anyone she can get to sit with her. she'll give you all the hugs and kisses you desire, except for her dad. as soon as he walks in the door she tackles him, ready to wrestle!

5. she's a deep thinker. the other day, out of the blue, she looked and me and exclaimed that Mary must be God's wife. i told her that was not the case and she informed me that if she's Jesus' mother and God is his Father then she must be God's wife. a little hard to argue with that isn't it?

4. she loves all things princess and began informing us around two that she is one. she wants to wear her princess gowns everywhere! she will also inform you that princesses don't do things like brush their teeth or clean their rooms. nice try!

3. she is such a good girl. although she can be sneaky if there is any kind of chocolate in the house, she is generally well behaved and sweet. she can fight with her brother like it's WW3 but i usually know i can leave the room to get things done and trust her to follow the rules.

2. she is a giver. she's always coloring pictures for her friends or trying to make presents for them. this past summer, a good friend of mine went on a mission trip to the phillipines. they were taking small toys to give to the children that live on the dump. i asked my kids to pick out some toys that they would be willing to give away for the kids who don't have any. the princess brought me her very favorite polly pocket, the one she takes everywhere (even sleeps with it). i explained to her that this was permanent and she wouldn't be able to get it back. she wanted a little girl who didn't have toys to have her best polly pocket. it warmed my heart!

1. she's adorable, funny, beautiful, smart, compassionate, generous, loving and so much fun! i can't wait to see the woman she becomes! i love her so much!

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