Thursday, December 18, 2008

a different kind of top ten

i'm vearing away from my normal 25 days of Christmas post today. last weekend, our pastor announced that he will be giving away 3 ipods this weekend to people who can tell him why they deserve it. of course i think i am a deserved recipient. so these are the top ten reasons why Grant should give me the ipod!

10. i am a true music lover. i love all kinds of music (other than country:). i listen to music from the time i get up to the time i go to sleep. .. sometimes i dream about music!

9. i live with four kids. that means i sometimes need a way to drown out the craziness!

8. i always sit in the front row at church, don't i get some kind of bonus points for that?

7. i have four kids that will eventually grow up and be tithers (is that a word?)

6. i always laugh at the sermon illustrations, even if they're not particularly funny.... i mean they are really funny, but i'd laugh anyway just to be nice :)

5. i dislike cats

4. i'd fill it with worship music

3. i download songs from itunes, which is helping the economy, right? that's very christian isn't it?

2. i posted my reasons on my blog, which averages about 200 readers a week, instead of just emailing it. that's advertising for the church!

1. i actually have a music player cell phone, so i'd give the ipod away. there is a wonderful person in my life would love to have it so much, but would never be able to afford to buy one. it would feel so good to give that person this gift simply because i love them!

Grant, are you convinced yet?

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SassyMomma said...

This is great, I hope you win!!!

I'm really sorry to hear about your friends son! I will pray for him!
You're right though... I would have knocked that woman out too! There's a lot of stuff I let roll off my back and say nothing about... But the one thing I don't let go is when someone says something about my boy's! My response is always, there's a reason their MY children and not yours! ;)
And your absolutely right about not judging a book by its cover... we all have people like that in our lives. So why would you assume something about someone else because of the way they look! I have an uncle that looks like he's a BIG burly biker dude... He looks like he would be a really mean person. But he's actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet!
I hope you and your family have an AWESOME Christmas! And good luck on winning that ipod! =)