Saturday, December 20, 2008

25 days of christmas

i'm on a roll... two posts, one day! hopefully i can get this done while my kids are happily playing together with playdoh. most likely i have about three minutes before they start fighting....

today's person i love is my oldest daughter, the bean! there will always be something special about my firstborn. she is so precious to me, i'd have to post the top one hundred reasons to come close to describing her. i'll do my best to keep it at ten!

10. she's so funny! she is quite witty for a nine year old! one day, a few years ago, she watched Lord of the Rings with her dad. that evening she came to the living room hiding something behind her back. when we asked what it was she pulled out a little debbie and cradled it near her face saying "my precious". we rolled. she is so funny!

9. she's extremely smart. too smart really... she excels at all things academic with little effort. we're a little worried that by fourth grade she'll be smarter than us!

8. she's very compassionate. her teachers tell me she's always concerned for others and that her classmates come to her when they're upset. she's so loving.

7. she takes good care of her siblings even though they drive her crazy. if she thinks one is being mean to another she always jumps to their defense. she loves to carry her little brother around and care for him. she even changes diapers!

6. she has a wonderful artistic side. she loves to scrapbook, write on her blog and make crafts. i love those things too so it's really fun to have a child to share that with.

5. she thinks the sun rises and sets in her daddy. she loves him so much! it warms my heart that some day she will have to search far and wide to find a husband who measures up to her daddy.

4. she is a big helper. she is always looking for ways to help me, whether it's making lunch for her brothers and sisters or watching the baby so i can take a shower. i know she is the same way at school. her helpfulness is really what keeps me sane some days!

3. She loves the Lord. she has an understanding of the Word that is far beyond her years. she understands concepts that she should never "get" at her age. i am so excited to see what the Lord has for her future.

2. in some ways, she saved me. when i became pregnant with her, my life was truly a mess. i was struggling through college and very irresponsible. i realized that i was going to be responsible for another life and i had to get it together. she was the reason i changed. i became a better person because of her.

1. she is beautiful, insightful, kind, loving, considerate, smart, funny and wonderful. i look at her and always wonder how i ended up with such a great kid. i wish i could take credit, but it is just who she is. what a blessing to have the honor of raising her!

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