Saturday, December 6, 2008

25 days of christmas

today's person of honor is my oldest brother, adam. adam was born when i was almost ten years old, my first sibling. i was so excited to finally have sibling that i carried him around everywhere i went as if he was my own baby. he was the happiest infant. he just smiled and laughed all the time. that sweet baby is now a grown man with a wife and a sweet baby of his own. our relationship has really transformed in the last few years as he's gotten married and had his first child. i'd always been so much older so its pretty cool that now we're both in similar places in our lives. so these are the top ten reasons i love adam!

10. he was my first brother. we had a bond of being the only children. when he was little he would cry for me instead of my mom.

9. he has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. he really makes me laugh. people that don't know him well tend to think he's very quiet, but spend a little time with him and he'll have you rolling.

8. he gave me my first nephew. i could not love that baby any more if he was my own.

7. even though i'm technically the oldest, since there is such a big age difference he's somewhat the oldest also. (after him were three more boys every two years) we share a lot of similarities in our experiences with our parents. although he will tell you that he couldn't get away with anything because our parents had learned all the "tricks" from me:)

6. he married an awesome girl. having four brothers, i realized several years ago that i really hoped my brothers would marry girls i like. adam definitely did that. ashley is the perfect addition to our family and the perfect wife for adam.

5. he's a great husband. he adores ashley, you can see it in the way he looks at her. he truly loves her and i have no doubt they have a long, happy future together.

4. he has awesome taste in music. you'd think being nearly ten years apart we'd have very different taste in music. but he's very wise for his years when it comes to music :)

3. he's a wonderful father. you can see in his eyes that the sun rises and sets in that chubby little baby. he plays with him, wrestles with him and generally just has fun with him. jonah will be fortunate to grow up with a dad that wants to spend so much time with him.

2. he's alot like our dad, in a good way (don't get mad adam!) he has all our dad's good qualities, none of the bad ones. he may be too young still to admit that:)

1. he loves the Lord and strives every day to be a better man. there is nothing more endearing to me than his desire to keep growing. i have so much hope for his future, his marriage, his children, his life. i am blessed to be a part of it!

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Life with Kaishon said...

I love brothers. : ) Mine is way cool. Sometimes he is grumpy but I love him to pieces! What a great idea to do 25 posts about 25 people you love : ). You are clever indeed!