Tuesday, December 9, 2008

25 days of christmas

before i begin, i just have to state that i'm not very good at posting every day! i know, i know.... i have four kids, a husband, several babysitting jobs and a house that never stays clean. i didn't anticipate that i would have such a hard time keeping up! all that to say, sorry i've been a little inconsistant! without further ado...

today's person that i LOVE is my brother's wife, ashley. it's not hard to love ashley. she's just so sweet! not in that fake, ungenuine way... she really is just sweet! so these are the top ten reasons i love ashley.

10. she's really fun! she's always smiling, laughing, enjoying life. she makes those around her enjoy life too.

9. she's intensely loyal. she loves those around her deeply and will truly do anything in the world for them.

8. she's trustworthy. you can tell her anything and know that she will keep it private. i know i can call her with my "secrets" and she'll keep them secret.

7. she loves my brother, faults and all. they really compliment one another and bring out each other's best. she's made him a better man.

6. she's a great mother to my adorable nephew! she loves him and takes such good care of him. i could never have been such a good mom at her age.

5. she knows how to make every curveball life throws her be something positive. i know things haven't always gone the way she may have thought, but she's turned all their circumstances into a good life for herself and my brother.

4. she's a good homemaker. she takes pride in making her home nice and does a really good job of making it a home with whatever resources she has.

3. she's a woman of God. she loves the Lord and tries to be more like Him each and every day. the depth of her faith astounds me. i can only imagine where i would be if i loved the Lord as much as she does at 20.

2. she's a good friend. she's by nature a giver. she always has an encouraging word and a smile. i need that in my life!

1. she's beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, compassionate, loving, devoted and passionate. she's the perfect addition to our family!

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