Saturday, October 2, 2010

what is going on here?!

something really unexpected and crazy happened today... my baby stopped nursing. no warning, no apparent medical reason. i nursed her before bed last night and she hasn't done it since. in fact, she screams bloody murder when i try. the irony is that this baby not only was still nursing every three hours as of yesterday, but she's refused a bottle since birth. she would never have any part of it. tonight she drank a bottle of breast milk before bed. i have no idea what's going on. i kept watching all day today for signs of an ear infection or upset stomach or something but it's not there. she's eating and playing and fine until i try to nurse her. then she's furious. she turns one this week (which i was having a hard time with anyway) but i had planned to breastfeed her for awhile. kind of savoring my last baby. apparently she had other plans. it is seriously the strangest thing. for months people have commented on how much she still nurses, how she will have no part in a bottle or cup, etc. and then today she drank both. it's like she just woke up this morning and thought "i'm gonna be one year old this week- time to grow up!" on one hand, i feel like i should be happy and relieved at the new found freedom and not having to ween her myself in a few months. on the other hand, i'm so sad that she doesn't want it anymore. sigh... i pumped all day today... just in case she changes her mind tomorrow :)

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Carol said...

That last sentence was so sweet "just in case she changes her mind." My little did something similar, but we had introduced the bottle and I think she just thought "bottle is easier & faster." One day, she just stopped, she would squirm and fuss and she wasnt' happy with it, so I weaned her, she was 13 mo. old.

Hopefully she'll come back to you, and if not, then find joy in her newfound independence!