Tuesday, October 26, 2010

auntie em! auntie em!

we had tornadoes in our area this afternoon. that's not all that unusual for ohio. what made these noteworthy? they hit precisely at the beginning of naptime. on a day when i have five kids under four. chaos? well, yes it was. i was just getting all the diapers changed and bottles fed and potty's taken care of and (counting down the moments) for nap. i begin this countdown at approximately 7:30am everyday. anyway, they suddenly upgraded us from a tornado watch to a warning, with the newscaster coming on suggesting everyone in my particular area head to the basement. do you know what my basement is like? it's a nasty, unfinished, spidery dungeon. the perfect location to hang out with toddlers and babies! so i start to gather supplies before i corral the kids down there. i get bottled water, a flash light, a portable radio and books to entertain the kids. then my imagination starts to get the better of me... what if the house collapses and we're trapped down there until help comes? so i end up with a can of formula, bottle, water, snacks, blankets and my cell phone. i know, i'm crazy. but the only thing that would suck worse about being trapped under your own house would be do so with a four year old, a three year old, a two year old and two babies. so once i gathered all my supplies and brought the bigger kids and the baby in a carseat downstairs. i had to come back up for esme, who had managed to sneak all the way upstairs in that time! i brought her kitchen booster seat down so she wouldn't be crawling around on the gross floor. i read them books and we had a snack and i prayed it would be over soon! the babies both fussed (remember... it's NAPTIME!!) the kids did pretty well. other than the fact that the little guy ate a piece of candy he found on the floor. i'm pretending that just fell there this morning. it's how i sleep at night.

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