Friday, October 15, 2010

flashback fridays!

happy friday all! i've decided to start something new! well, i guess technically the new thing i'm starting is kinda old. have i lost you yet? great! so every friday, we'll have flashback friday! i'll share either a really old post (you know, a rerun :) that i would like to revisit OR an old story. just something to switch it up a little. let's be honest, my every day life can get a little stale. nothing like reminiscing to spice things up! i'm totally computer illiterate so i have no clue how to make a button or anything but if you want to do flashback friday on your blog, just leave the URL in the comments and we'll all check it out!

so here was my very first top ten list! i wrote this in may of 08... in honor of mother's day. oh how things have changed since then... but some remain the same! (hey, the tattoo is still there :)

happy mother's day! the pics are of my wonderful mother's day gift! how blessed i am to have a husband that knows i am not a "flowers & candy" kind of mom :) its the hebrew of a verse from song of solomon.."i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". i have been waiting several years to get this. what a great gift!
i decided to write a list today, my top ten reasons why it's great to be a mom.

10. its a good excuse for not being skinny!
9. no longer have to battle being self absorbed, its not an option anymore!
8. at least four people tell me they love me every day!
7. there's nothing like seeing your own faults mimicked by your kids to drive you to be a better person!
6. their smell after a bath!
5. seeing my husband be a dad, who knew i could love him even more!
4. making someone overwhelmed with excitement over a toy that cost a dollar!
3. seeing the grumpy man who was MY dad be a big pushover as "papaw"
2. knowing that i can make a difference every day in four little lives
1. having the honor of being called mommy

hope your mothers day was a blessing! whether you spend your days covered in spit up, nursing, driving your kids to endless activities, working (and then trying to get it all done at night!), or you've moved to the esteemed title of grandma... you deserve this day. for all the things you do, big and more importantly small, you are Mom. the best job description in the world!


Elle said...

I really love this flashback friday list. My daughter has caught on to giving kisses over the last several weeks and it just makes my heart burst. I can't wait to hear her say she loves me. Glad I found your blog. :)

themrs said...

there is nothing sweeter than baby kisses! esme's are open mouthed and quite sloppy but i love them :) thanks for the kind words, i love your blog too!