Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 things that are hard to come by in this house!

i'm pretty sure i spend at least a third of my life looking for things. common, everyday items that shouldn't be as elusive as bigfoot. yet, they are. sigh. these ten things are only the tip of the iceberg!

10. pens. you can literally never find a pen in this house. seriously. if you are on an important phone call and absolutely have to write down some information, you better grab a crayon and write on the wall because that's the only way you're takin notes around here!

9. ponytail holders. where are they?!? i purchase package after package. yet as soon as it's time to do a little girl's hair (and we have alot of little girl hair around here!) there are none to be found.

8. batteries. another thing we purchase in bulk yet mysteriously disappears. it doesn't matter how many we have. you can guarantee we'll still be switching them from the dvd remote to the tv remote. and that brings me to number 7...

7. the remotes. never where they should be. never having the appropriate number of batteries.

6. the home phone. it's ringing but never found. you can hear the answering machine pick up, you can hear sound coming from somewhere in the deep recesses of the couch, but you never do actually locate it in time!

5. bandaids. do you know why you can never find a bandaid around here? because we have a house full of hypochondriacs that use them all up as soon as i buy them. don't even get me started on how fast they go if i get spiderman ones!

4. nail clippers. this one is confusing to me as we have at least five of them! baby ones, regular ones, toenail ones... where do they disappear to??

3. sleep. now i know this may not be a physical item, but let me tell you it is hard to come by~ says the person who hasn't had a night of uninterrupted sleep in 18 months.

2. sanity. this needs no explanation.

1. boredom. never. a. dull. moment!

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Elle said...

I can say that most of these are hard to come by in my house too. Actually we have batteries but my hubs keeps them in a super secret place and won't tell me where. It's always "I'll go get them". Must be a guy thing....maybe. I really miss sleep but right now it's my own fault b/c I usually have insomnia.

We have four home phones, four. 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs and I can never find any of them. I'll hear the phone ringing but won't be able to find it then I actually start talking to the person who's calling like they can hear me, telling them to wait, I'm trying to find the phone. Which leads me to another thing on your list, I've lost all of my sanity. lol