Saturday, October 9, 2010

a public service announcement from miss esme..

hey guys! i snuck onto the computer while my mom is busy getting ready for my birthday party! haha! you should see her! running around in her bathrobe trying to make the food and get all the supplies while my dad is sleeping! the big kids are watching a movie (and supposed to be watching me!). but for any of you that want to send me a present, i thought i'd let you know what i like! so here are the top ten things i want for my birthday!

10. i LOVE chocolate, even though my mom doesn't let me have it. but she's pretty busy with these other kids so i'm sure we can slip a brownie or two past her!

9. a roll of toilet paper is always a hit! i adore unrolling and eating it!

8. you can never go wrong with a puppy! my mom will swear that we can't keep it but my dad will say yes!~

7. i could really use a hat of some sort. then i wouldn't have to sit still while mommy does my hair :(

6. did you know they have ice cream that tastes like bubble gum?! my mom doesn't like me to have ice cream cause she thinks i'm probably allergic like my brother but see #10

5. i never tire of playing with pots and pans! my mom's are pretty old so they're not even shiny enough to see myself in!

4. my BFF, kalyssa, told me that she heard they have little tiny cakes for baby's first birthday. i better be getting one of those!

3. a girl can never have too many binkies!

2. i definitely wouldn't turn down a trip to disney if someone wanted to take me! i heard the real mickey mouse lives there! i clap every time that show comes on!

1. i can't think of any more! i'm only one, you know :)

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