Sunday, May 24, 2009

princess disorder?

i'm gonna get on my soapbox for a minute, so if you're not interested in my strong opinions, you may want to leave now :) i just finished reading an article by several "experts" about how little girls playing princess develops narcissistic personalities and unrealistic expectations of a "happy ever after". they even did supposed research. (who spends money on that?) they then interviewed parents who felt princess play would raise girls who are shallow, vain and completely focused on themselves. are you kidding me? you know what raises narcissistic kids? permissive, catering, child-centered parenting. not disney princess dolls. what makes girls shallow, vain and focused on themselves? a media that tells them who they are is how they look. parents who allow them to to behave in any way they please as to not "stifle" them. parents who give them anything they desire in their quest to provide their kids with more than they had, therefore never teaching them to earn anything or have to go without. parents who treat their children as if they are the center of the world. gee, wonder why they grow up thinking that way. i have two daughters, soon to be three. one loves all things princess and the other, not so much. while playing dress up and princess barbies, etc is lots of fun for her, behaving as a princess would not be acceptable. we wouldn't allow it. same as that my son loves all things superhero but that doesn't mean we're going to let him jump off the roof, nor does it mean he will grow up to think he's invincible. i grew up imagining my wedding, my children, my career and many other things little girls think about. did that make me think my life would be perfect and without blemish? nope. does any four year old princess lover make it to adulthood and sit around waiting for a woman to turn her pumpkin into a carriage which will take her to a ball to meet royalty? i certainly hope not! what it boils down to is that doctors and psychologists have gone so overboard in their quest to decode child rearing that it's become ridiculous. do you think in the 50's mothers used to look out the window and see their children playing cowboys and indians and think "goodness, i hope little billy doesn't grow up thinking he can be a real indian." not likely. i'll pass on the research and psychology and just choose to raise my kids with common sense and a laid back attitude. i think we'll do just fine.

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