Tuesday, May 12, 2009

shopping for babyG!

OH i forgot how much fun it is to shop for girls! you'd think by baby five i wouldn't need to buy anything... WRONG! actually, i have good reason. a few years ago, we rented a house we had on the market to a family who were having tough times. when we eventually had to evict them for not paying rent and doing illegal things (which is why i will never be a landlord again) they stole all my baby clothes i had stored in the attic! all my girl clothes from newborn to around 18mths were taken. at the time i wasn't too concerned, as i had a baby boy and thought i was done. yet, here i am- pregnant with a girl! sooo.... i have been having fun shopping. we are pretty much starting from scratch, clothing wise, for this baby. bad for the budget, fun for me and the grandmas! if they tell us they were wrong about the sex when we go for our third ultrasound next tuesday, i'm in big trouble!
my BFF, Rachel, had her fifth baby this past week. she also had two boys and two girls so this was her tie breaker too! she ended up with a c-section, which really sucks, but out of it got the chubbiest, cutest baby girl ever. she's a whopping 9'7! i'll try to post a pic this week, she's that cute. welcome to the world, kalyssa! her situation has had me hoping my experience isn't the same. it's also had me thinking about what kind of birth i'd like to have. i've had two natural births and two with an epidurel. typically, we've had both of our mothers there for the entire thing. part of me is thinking of doing it alone this time, since we've never done that. but i hate to not let my mom be there, since it's my last time. i'm the only girl out of five kids so it may be her last chance to see a grandchild born. i've also been thinking about having my oldest daughter there (she'll be 10). i don't want her in the room when the baby is actually born (there are some things no child should ever see!) but maybe in the waiting room so she can come in right afterwards. it's funny how much more thought i've given all of this, knowing it's my last. we're also making decisions about a tubal or essure. theMr is definitely getting snipped but we're thinking of me having a procedure also (i have major family history of failed vasectomies!). we'll see!

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