Monday, May 18, 2009

happy 30th Birthday to theMr!

on this day, thirty years ago, the world was made a better place. words could never adequately describe this man, but i'll do my best!

theMr is charming, funny, coordinated, passionate, loyal, sarcastic, intelligent, witty, sexy and honest

he is a lover of music, family, movies, talk radio, coffee, politics, golf, hiking, laughing, skateboarding, naps, taking walks, super heroes, banana cream pies, building, playing drums, wrestling with the kids, lazy sundays, my cooking, and all things Lord of the Rings.

he is a loyal, devoted, honest, dependable, funny, sincere, true friend.

he is a loving, affectionate, devoted, involved, dependable father.

he is a passionate, honest, attentive, loving, sexy, intelligent, fun, happy husband.

he is more than i could ever have dreamed to ask for, more than i will ever deserve, more than i could ever be good enough for. but for some reason, he's mine. and i'm thankful.
happy birthday elijah!


Sassy said...

Happy Birthday to TheMr.!! Good men like him are hard to find!!

Girl Child said...

awww... very nice dedication to the hubs.. err, themr..

Anonymous said...

happy berfday dude. hope you had a great day.
miss you buddy.