Thursday, May 7, 2009

the danger of living with princesses....

so the other morning, we were getting ready to go run errands. theMr took his shower and was getting ready in the bathroom. apparently after he finished shaving he grabbed a towel hanging there to wipe his face off. when he did, he looked in the mirror and his face was covered in sparkles! for some reason, there was sparkle glitter all over it. i have no idea why but i have a pretty good guess (the princess). he spent the next ten minutes trying to get it off his face so we could leave. the joys of little girls!


Girl Child said...

oh THATS funny!!

Sassy said...

That is funny! Oh, what I have to look forward to. :)

Eileen said...

I guess your husband has a good sense of humor!
I love the pictures of your family, very beautiful! And you look so good too! And five months along with the fifth baby!
Any names picked out yet?

And take a picture of yourself with your new-found pregnancy clothing option! It really is genius!

Nice blog!
Have a good weekend!