Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh for the love of all that is pregnant...

so, yesterday i lied. apparently there is something more evil than asking a pregnant woman to fast. that would be having the afore mentioned pregnant woman go to the hospital and spend her registration time with a woman who is eating her breakfast. yep, that's right. the chick was eating the whole time she did my paper work. in fact, she was so into her breakfast that she kept asking me incomplete questions and had to repeat herself. it is only by the grace of God that i did not jump across that desk and rip that muffin from her smug face. it was almost worth it to hear the ultrasound technician tell the student technician that my gall bladder was easier to photograph since i am so skinny. yay! skinny is not a word i'd use for myself right now but i'll take it. i'm surprised they could hear one another over my stomach growling. the good news is that my mom says since the ultrasound wasn't uncomfortable at all, that most likely means my gall bladder is not inflamed. (she's a nurse, my own personal webMD) if there is an odd side effect to be had in any cirumstance, i can usually be counted on to get it. so it will be a pleasant surprise to find out it's a false alarm!

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Katie said...

I found a great blog called Mozi Esme after the sweet little girl that it's about.

It's a very cute name!

(From Mckmama's)