Tuesday, May 12, 2009

life as a circus?

i have a, ahem, hobby that i like to read about frequently online. for my own reputation's sake, i'll keep the details private. so today, i'm reading my daily blogroll and many of them have a paparazzo pic of a famous actor that i love. he's bending down, picking up his suitcase at an airport. in the pic, you can see the top of his underwear. the comment sections of these posts are full of speculation as to what kind of underwear they are, personal opinions on that type of underwear, how he should have enough money to buy better underwear, etc. the saddest part? this guy is in sunny LA wearing sunglasses, a hat and a black hoodie with the hood pulled up, obviously attempting to avoid the photogs. i just felt really sorry for him. i mean the guy is just trying to get through the airport ( i hate getting through airports) and he's trying to be incognito and not only does that not work but people are bashing his undies! hey, we weren't supposed to even see his underwear. i know many people will argue that celebs can't complain about such intrusions because they're rich and they chose this life and whatnot. but seriously, they didn't trade their humanity. i don't envy them. i'll take my lack of millions over their lack of privacy any day. makes me feel kind of guilty even reading those sites. does that make me a contributor to the problem?


Girl Child said...

i use (or is it USED) to buy the mags online at the grocery store but they are so expensive i opted for TMZ.com and PerezHilton.com instead.. do tell which ur is bc neither of mine show Mr. Underwear.. and um YES we are ABSOLUTELY contributing. if no one wanted to see it, the photogs would be out of biz.. but i just cant stop. you look at famous ppl AS IF they are soo lucky.. but they have break ups and heart aches just like the rest of us. I like looking at them and saying.. "Whew! I'd rather be ME any day!" okaaaa, and MAYBE i read them to see cute hairstyles or funky outfit ideas.. GUILTY!

themrs said...

LOL GC, it was neither of those. it was on several smaller sites, justjared and laineygossip for example. i used to buy the mags too, then i felt guilty for spending the money. occasionally i still do, when i cant resist the cover :) but sometimes i feel bad for them, like today. this guy obviously wants a bit of privacy and he can't get a minute without a camera in his face. i felt the same way when britney spears was having her breakdown. remember those pics that came out of her in some store holding her baby and crying? i felt physically ill for even looking at that pic. why are we so fascinated by them? i just don't know!
BTW- shouldn't you be in bed? LOL, just kidding. i don't even know what time zone you're in~ but i should be in bed!