Friday, April 10, 2009

a public service announcement from themrs

ladies, i have something very serious to talk to you about today. i need you to all sit down and pay attention. (what? you were already sitting? you don't check your email standing up? whatev...) anyway, back to the dire situation at hand.
IF YOU EVER USE SELF TANNER, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR FEET!! why? because your feet will be orange like mine are right now. my legs look slightly tan and nice. my feet are orange. no exaggeration. i thought since preggos are not supposed to be tanning, maybe i could use a little artificial help. i have a date tonight with themr and i have orange feet. this is a real problem as i am a flip flop addict. ( i know, i know, this week it's all about my addictions... flip flops, twilight, the internet. sheesh, join a 12 step group woman!) i am going to be forced to wear regular shoes! that is tragic, seriously. i wear flip flops when it's 40 degrees out. that's why my toenails are always painted, no matter how busy i am. i just had to swallow my horror and share my tragic story with you all, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, i could save another woman from going through this.


Girl Child said...

hehehehe.. that sucks.. im a flip flop girl myself.. but boots work well too.. enjoy date night.. im sure they are few and far between.

Ash said...

its too late for me...i used jergens natural glow (the stuff that is said to never make anything orange) and sense it's a very gradual thing my feet didn't turn orange until this morning. i still wore my flip flops though as i just dont care lol

SassyMomma said...

I too am a flip flop addict... Love'em!
Your just a little late with the informative info this time...Because, I did this same thing last summer. HaHa! So I know HOW ridiculous this looks. =) Sorry, I guess maybe I should have warned you! The good news is it doesn't last very long..