Thursday, April 9, 2009

midlife crisis update :)

i thought i should follow up on my post from the other day. many have expressed concern for me, specifically the people in my real life who read here. (sometimes i forget about those!) i'm ok, really! i'm just in a place where i need to rediscover myself, you know? i have the personality type (like many mothers) where i constantly look out for everyone else's needs but not my own. it's so easy to get caught up in meeting the needs of those around you that you lose yourself. i started writing again a few days ago, a book not this blog:). that's always been a good outlet for me. i'm having trouble getting into the groove of it but i know it will come. i'm making some decisions as to how i'll do things with this new baby. sometimes i have to be reminded that just because i've always done things a certain way doesn't mean it's the only way! most importantly, i have to remember to tell people how i'm feeling. i don't have to be strong all the time :) thanks for all your well wishes and for checking in even when i'm not funny!

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Girl Child said...

thought about u tonight.. i was at target pickin movies out for my fellas and i saw Twilight.. hehe