Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No kids, Mommy can't talk right now. She's having a nervous breakdown.

Ugh... today is one of those days. you know, the ones where you could realistically strangle someone any minute? unfortunately, my kids are the only ones here. not boding well for them... the thing is, they're really not being bad. they're just being kids. and today that is getting on my last nerve. it's cold, rainy and mommy's hormones are out of control. calgon take me away... it's the kind of day where i'm not completely sure everyone will live to see daddy come home from work, where i will scream if i hear the imagination movers sing one more time, where i know i have a million things i should be doing (laundry, anyone?) but instead i'm on the computer. and i don't care. so there.


Girl Child said...

um.. helloooo.. ur suppose to be my life coach!! ;)

Thank goodness Biggest Loser is on tonight.. i love that show.. it makes me want to do yoga!

Just emailed ya..

Musings from Me said...

I have days like that, too. My kids were home from school for Spring Break. I had a huge dilemma on my hands. On the one hand kids were quiet due to playing video games, but ont he other hand I felt guilty about letting them play. But they were so quiet and I got so much done. Well, it's back to school and much less video gametime.

Hope you start to feel betyter soon!