Friday, April 24, 2009

it's (maybe) a girl!

this morning we had an ultrasound. our local crisis pregnancy center recently purchased an ultrasound machine. they needed to do a certain number of "training" ultrasounds to get their certification so they asked if i would be willing to have one. of course, i said yes! my "official" ultrasound at my doctor's office is in a few weeks but we were hoping that we may be able to tell the sex of the baby today. after much speculation, it looks like a girl! the technician wouldn't say for sure, as it's a little early for a really good view, but it looked like it! i'm hesitant to believe it completely until next month but i know the kids will be so excited. the three oldest were all wanting another girl. this was our tie breaker, so if it's true the girls will officially have control of this house! (as if we don't already!)

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SassyMomma said...

Congrats!!(maybe)lol! =)