Wednesday, April 8, 2009

top ten reasons i should not have read "twilight"

10. now i continuously think of these characters, as if they are real people. i actually miss them. feel free to refer a mental health professional.

9. i found a website for MOMs who are hooked on twilight. while it made me feel a little less unstable, i now have a message board to discuss with others. like i needed something to encourage me to spend more time on the internet.

8. i'm trying to figure out how i will convince this new baby to take a bottle occasionally (my other breast feeders would have no part in it) so i can see the new movie when it comes out in november. you read that right. altering your parenting over a movie. priceless...

7. my DVR is overloaded. i have no desire to watch tv (usually my secret love :) i just want to read. so does themr.

6. as i'm dangerously close to the end of the final book (i've put off finishing for as long as i can) i'm trying to figure out what i will do next. what did i do before twilight? i tried to start rereading wuthering heights last night but it just didn't cut it.

5. someone wanted to borrow book three and i had to convince myself that it was ok to let it out of my possession.

4. i'm 31, enough said.

3. i'm too hormonal to be reading a love story. that's all i'll say about that.

2. i tried to win a contest today that was a trip to the set. hello? i'm pregnant with my fifth kid. i'm sure i can just jet off to italy and go to a movie set.

1. i don't know what #1 is. if reasons 2-10 were not enough to convince you then you're as addicted as i am!


Sassy said...

I didn't even know that Twilight was a book until recently. When I saw the previews for the movie I wasn't interested in it at all but to be honest hearing about all the people who love it I might have to reconsider. :)

themrs said...

beware, it's so romantic you might die. very clean though, just dreamy ;) you WILL be in love with a fictional vampire.

Sparkle4Me said...


You need to join us over on Twilight Tuesday. We are a bunch of moms who use Twilight as an inspiration to make crafty things. Come give us a look:

Cece (Sparkle4Me)

Britten said...

Welcome to the madness. I remember those days! LOL! You are super cute...glad to have you on TwilightMOMS. =)

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I hear ya!!! One of my best friends has decided to "break up" with Twilight/Edward for a little while, just to try and get caught up on her normal life, Me? Not that strong!! Move on to Midnight Sun, every blog you can find and there's always fan fiction...

Good luck, I wish I was reading it all through for the first time again.

themrs said...

LOL i'm a mom! i finished it and am reading midnight sun. MS is NOT the way to get over edward. i tried to not read it and wait awhile but i couldn't stand it. i'm gonna have to join a 12 step group or something!