Monday, March 28, 2011

you ask, i answer!

well, i asked my IRL friends for some blog fodder... and they came through! i was hoping you guys would ask something fun like how to not get pregnant or where i get my kickin taste in music. but nooooo... my friends have to be deep and introspective. but i'll answer them. and probably get into trouble when i do!

misty- the answer to your question is that people are idiots. plain and simple. they think what a little girl wears is harmless and that it's fine to sexualize their teenage daughters because everyone else is doing it! and look how well Britney spears turned out! they totally miss the fact that one of their primary jobs as a parent is to guard their children's hearts and bodies. and that there are creepy men who look at little girls. ugh...

katie- see above. i'm struggling to find bras for my ELEVEN YEAR OLD that aren't push up. jerks.

caroline- this could be whole post on it's own. i will tread lightly as i think we could easily end up on other sides of this proverbial fence. i will say this: i want my children to love everyone. i want them to treat all people, regardless of race, sex, socioeconomic background or practice with love, dignity and respect. i also want them to understand right from wrong and stand up for that. but i want them to do it in an appropriate way. that was a mouthful. or a run on sentence full!

mira- i hear ya, girlie, i hear ya :( as we are both navigating the terrifying world of raising a preteen, i would bet that you are encountering many of the same obstacles i am! the funny part is i have a few kids who are rebellious and have to be reminded that you can still be who you are while submitting to authority and some other children who i am always reminding that following the crowd is not always a good thing. you know what that last sentence says? i have too many kids! anywho, one bonus to sending our kids to private school is that it alleviates the clothing battles/peer pressures. everyone looks the same and i am constantly grateful. while i would have died at a dress code when i was a teenager, i'm a big supporter now! haha


Life with Kaishon said...

I think having a boy is hard....and then I read about push up bras for an 11 year old girl and I totally FREAK OUT! : )
I am so glad to hear from you! I always love visiting with you. We have been friends since the beginning : )

themrs said...

girls are scary! i feel like my biggest job with the boys is to just keep them alive, lol

i'm still here,lurking in the background:)