Thursday, March 3, 2011

joys of parenting, part 2

so at the end of yesterday... a very long day...

it's 8:30

all the kids are in bed

the kitchen is clean

it's finally time for me! i get my giant ice water, my book and my stereo turned to the ratpack XM channel...

i lay down on the couch... and it smells like urine. seriously? i smell the throw blanket, the little pillow, all around... it's definitely the couch. there is only once child in this house who would've done this. this being peed in his PJ's and then laid on the couch without changing. sigh...

so this morning entailed taking all of the covers of the couch cushions and washing them. while i was doing that theMr decided to vacuum out inside the couches. disgusting. who knew that any missing batteries, pacifiers, french fries, pennies, peanuts or polly pockets were right there? and all of this time we had been looking elsewhere! then he pulled the couch out to sweep behind it. well there's my missing flip flop and all the silverware that had mysteriously disappeared! it's like a disgusting treasure chest back there! while all this is going on, the two year old i babysit is asking questions the whole time.

"miss Abby, why is the remote back there?"

"miss Abby, can i eat that cracker?"

"miss Abby, my couch is not dirty like that!"

thanks buddy, glad to hear i'm the only one :)

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