Sunday, March 13, 2011

yep, i'm still not that mom...

remember when i told you how i'm not that mom? well, that has never been more apparent than this weekend. the bean was scheduled for a two hour slot of selling girl scout cookies at walmart. i marked it on my calendar and planned to be there. however, as the day approached, she informed me that the other mom was staying with them and that i didn't need to. so i dropped her off and planned to run my errands. about an hour later, i came back to do my grocery shopping there. point number one: the troop leader informs me that in the future i'm supposed to stay. that there needs to be TWO moms and two girls there. apparently the other moms are excited to take part in this venture. this mom was excited to not have to do it. now don't misunderstand me, i love being with the bean. i just love doing so in heat...while not selling things... so there was strike one against me. it was then pointed out that i put her patches on her sash backwards. first of all, i would like the record to show that i did that stupid sash while holding a hysterical baby and yelling at several other children to stop yelling! (no, the irony is not lost on me). so my poor daughter has the jacked up sash. she cheerfully informs the leader "my mom doesn't sew. ever." so the leader says that she can do the bean's sewing for me from now on. fail! but i'm not totally useless... i let the troop leader know that if they ever have a badge that requires making killer guacamole or dancing to house music or having babies i'm your girl! i'm sure those skills are going to come in super handy!

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