Monday, March 7, 2011

why i should buy "your baby can read!"

dear miss esme,

let's have a talk, shall we? you know mommy loves you. i love you more than chocolate cake with chocolate icing. you are my baby sidekick. my little sweet potato. my tiniest friend.

however, this not sleeping bit has to stop. i don't know if your teeth hurt or your feelings are hurt or you just take pleasure in torturing me. either way, you are seventeen months old. you should not be keeping me up all night!

when i took away your favorite method of eating, i thought you would stop waking me all night. but alas, we are still seeing way too much of each other between the hours of 11-7.

for goodness sake, you are my fifth baby! don't you know that you are supposed to be easy? have i not earned that by now?

in conclusion, if you would like to continue spending your days on my hip in your sling and having suckers for no good reason other than because you are so cute, KNOCK IT OFF!

well rested mommas are happy mommas. apparently you didn't get the memo.
your mother

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