Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mozilla firefox is trying to make me feel bad about myself

if you use mozilla firefox as your browser, you know there is a little tab up on the corner titled "most visited". if you click on it, it will bring up the websites you visit the most (that's why it has that catchy title). every time i click on it it only serves as a reminder what a loser i am. while it should bring up things like CNN news and national geographic, instead it's webmd and usweekly. what can i say? news is depressing! diagnosing weird bumps and seeing what people wore to the oscars is way more fun. i know, i'm totally what's wrong with america. save the speech. it's just that there are enough scary and depressing things in my real life, i don't need to read about others. i know the basics... we're at war with any country who's not white and christian (JUST KIDDING DAD!!!), the earth is totally ticked at us and is having a tantrum, and all over the world people are suffering and i can't change it :( wasn't that fun? if i can find ten minutes online between wiping bottoms and scraping nutrigrain bar out of the heating vent i'd much rather spend it arguing on a message board about whether or not hip hop is dead and checking out pics of my friend's new house on facebook. i need my internet to be an escape, not an education. so back off firefox, i see you judging me!

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Life with Kaishon said...

OMG! I am afraid to see what my most visited sites are. I am pretty sure they would mirror your own!