Thursday, March 10, 2011

multitasking, mommy style

i'm thinking the term "multitasking" was originally created for the workplace. i have no idea if that's true or not so don't quote me on it. however, there is no multitasking like that you learn to do on a daily basis as a mother. it's nearly against the laws of physics some of the things we are capable of! and hey, we haven't had a top ten in forever...

top ten ways mothers are master multitaskers!

10. who else can drive a car, swat four year old who's harassing their siblings, while drinking coffee and helping another child practice spelling words?

9. reading a child a story while going to the bathroom.

8. speaking of bathrooms, mopping the floor and cleaning the toilet while the kids are in the bath. all the while talking them through how to wash themselves.

7. having a child follow you to the laundry room so you can lecture them on their attitude while working on laundry

6. vacuuming carpet while singing a song to a grumpy baby in a sling, also while planning your grocery list in your mind.

5. eating dinner while folding a load of laundry and watching "baby story".

4. nursing a baby while cooking dinner and talking on the phone.

3. sleeping during sex....JUST KIDDING! (i couldn't resist :)

2. cleaning the tile in the shower... while you are taking a shower.

1. writing a blog post while uploading pictures and burning a cd :)

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