Tuesday, June 2, 2009

help needed!

i need to utilize the creativity of my wonderful readers! in a few short weeks, i will be attending the bridal shower of a dear, lifelong friend. i am in desperate need of a creative gift for her! i hate using registries and always try to do something special for close friends. i normally make a scrapbook for weddings and first babies, but this friend is really not a scrapbook kind of gal. she's very modern and chic. any ideas??


Girl Child said...

I am without a doubt the WORST gift buyer EVER.. sorry chica.

SassyMomma said...

there is this cute candle poem thing that I got as a gift for my wedding shower. I still have the poem if you want it, I can send it to you...
The way it goes, is you have different colored candles that you light for different stages in your life, and you just follow the poem for when to light the candles.
Like for your 1st anniversary you light a certain color, and when you bring home your 1st baby, get a promotion, have your 25th anniversary...and so on.

OR... you could get a copy of her wedding invitation, and put in a shadow box. OR... you can always Google creative wedding gift ideas!! =)

Eileen said...

I actually attended a shower last summer for a chic hip bride, and she still raves about a gift one of her bridesmaids gave her. She had gotten her some of that closet organizing stuff (baskets, canvas bags [one for shoes, one for clothes], hangers), and then she personalized it by hanging ribbons, tulle, and sachets on the things. It was really beautiful and everyone 'oohed' and 'aahhed' at it. Maybe something like that?

Another thing she got that she absolutely loved was a wooden cigar box that a friend had lined with velvet and lace, and added a mirror to the inside, and then she put in hair clips, a small vintage looking comb, things like that.

I still think your scrapbook idea would be wonderful!
And the ideas from SassyMomma upthread are wonderful too. So much more personal.

Best of luck!