Sunday, June 21, 2009

top ten reason theMr is a fantastic dad!

10. he's SUPER fun! he takes them camping in the yard, for long bike rides and let's them have Popsicles before dinner. those may sound like easy things to you, but i assure you that taking four kids ranging from age 2-9 on any kind of outing is not so much fun for the adult. but he does it, cause he's great like that.

9. he teaches them things i'd never be able to help them with. whether it's math (of which i can't even keep my checkbook balanced) or how to fix something- he's patient enough to not only do it but teach them how in the process.

8. he has a passion for the Word which he has passed on to the kids. he has a way of explaining scripture to them that they are really able to understand. it is a gift.

7. when he's wrong, he apologizes. i can't imagine anything that would have a bigger impact on a child than having their big, strong father come them and say he's sorry for losing his temper or raising his voice. he is teaching them how to be a real man.

6. he treats me like a queen. my girls will grow up searching for a man who will treat them the way their father treated their mother. my boys will be loving, respectful and caring husbands and fathers. that is priceless.

5. he works so hard to provide for us. besides his normal full time career, he does many jobs on the side to not only provide what we need, but give us what we want. i know many women who wish their husband could keep one job, i am blessed with a husband who works hard at many.

4. he has a teachable spirit. he looks at the men around him and learns from them. i think this is rare in a man. he is always willing to receive wisdom, guidance and teaching from another father.

3. he is totally hands on. there is nothing i've done for these kids that he has not done also. whether it's doctor's appointments, cleaning up vomit or taking care of laundry, he's always in 100%.

2. he loves us so much and he shows us every day. he is affectionate, encouraging and gentle. we will never wonder if we are loved.

1. he works hard at our marriage. he knows the best gift we can give our children is happily married parents. he never stops trying to make my life better, loving me more each day and cherishing what we have together. i hope our children grow up to find the same with their partners.

Happy Father's Day! to theMr, my Dad, my Father in law, my brother and all the men out there who do all you do each day. you are making an impact on our future and i thank you!


Ash said...

aw! eli is a great daddy!

Life with Kaishon said...

Super fun dads are my favorite kind! I love how you write about him! And I love how much the kids adore him!

Anonymous said...

This was so sweet. It gave me chills reading it.