Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top ten things NOT to say to a pregnant woman...

i'm going to explain some things about not only myself but pregnant women in general. please read carefully and follow accordingly.

10. When you see me, i do not need you to comment on my size. Yes i look in the mirror and yes i am aware of my size. i have to try to fit this body into clothes every day.

9. no i am not having twins and i would rather not hear about your friend/cousin/neighbor who didn't find out it was twins until the birth. i am just big. thanks for pointing it out.

8. Do not touch my belly if you wish to still have that appendage attached to your body.

7. Yes, i know this is my fifth baby. yes i know how this happened. you are not original nor funny. now stop asking.

6. thank you for continuously pointing out how tired i look, apparently growing a human in your body and chasing four other ones is tiring.

5. if i seem angry, irritated, or disgusted... i am. get back with me in a few months and i should be back to my lovely charming self.

4. no, i am not catholic.

3. i'd rather you not say things like "better you than me" or "i'm glad I don't have to do it!".

2. all of these children have the same father, i am still married to him and we are not on welfare... so you can keep your judgement of large families to yourself.

1. asking me if this was a surprise is a veiled way of asking if i use birth control, which is none of your business. asking me if i'm done is along the same lines. but for the record, YES i am done. now back off.


Girl Child said...

ha! ur a pip.. Got a name yet?? Not that ur ganna share, but do you have one yet?? I am definitely one of THEM girls who would say sutten or other to tick you off! Not on purpose, but I totally have foot-in-mouth syndrome!! Wishing you well.. =D

themrs said...

LOL we do have a name... care to make any more guesses? starts with a vowel...
anyway, how are you? enjoying the summer? i think i'm ready for my kids to go back to school now :)