Friday, June 19, 2009

awards and distractions....

my grandmother passed on tuesday, peacefully and surrounded by her family. the visitation was yesterday and the memorial service is in a week (we're waiting for my brother to return from a mission trip). Sassy gave me an award, so i thank her for thinking about me and for giving me something to post about today that doesn't require much thought! so, without further ado...

Here's the rules:
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(4) Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
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ok, 7 things about me that people might find interesting... hmmm... there are so many interesting things about me! where to begin?

1. in 5th grade, i started a school-wide protest against the use of styrofoam in our cafeteria. i was interviewed in the paper and on the news and the following year the school agreed to begin using reusable plastic instead. we boycotted school lunch for a week!

2. three of my four children were born on their due dates and all after the first were the sex that my oldest prayed for!

3. i can fit my whole fist in my mouth, ha!

4. for some reason i cannot keep outdoor flowers alive. i follow the directions exactly, yet they still die. i keep trying every year though because i love to have flowers outside my house.

5. theMr and my families have been connected all of our lives, even though we didn't know each other until high school. our grandparents dated for years when we were kids, we went to the same preschool, his aunt worked with my mom and grandma and our dads went to high school together. must've been fate, huh?

6. i wish i hadn't named one of my children what i named them, but i'll never tell which one :)

7. i never, ever have my toenails unpainted. i hate the way it looks. it may be days since i've washed my hair or even put on something other than PJ's but nails always look perfectly manicured. it's my neurosis.

i would like to nominate Sassy, Girlchild, Sassymomma, Rebekah, Ashley, Adam and Doobiestar! i don't know how to link so you'll just have to look at my followers or blogroll to find them!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you so much : ). I love that your toe nails always have to be done. Me too. Bare nails bother me like nothing else!