Sunday, June 28, 2009

this, that and the other

well, we've had a busy weekend already! how about you? on friday night, theMr and i went to see the transformers movie. we don't get to see movies often so when we do it's a treat. now, you have to understand a few things about the movie going experience in our city. first of all, the same family owns all the theaters. because of this monopoly, they are all total crap. dirty, old and not at all up to date. the seats are so low that anyone sitting directly in front of you will obstruct your view completely. they don't even have cup holders. it also brings about the complicated issue of "where to sit in the theater". theMr likes to sit right up front. i, on the other hand, prefer to sit farther back as it makes me dizzy and nauseous to sit too close. so we picked our perfect seat (a compromise of both) and settled in. we were about twenty minutes early, which was fine since we rarely have twenty minutes of uninterrupted conversation! just as the movie was about to begin, two guys come and sit right in front of us. not just any two guys, one with a giant afro. of course, the afro guy sat right in front of me. i'm only 5'3 so anyone sitting in front of me would have blocked my view anyway but this hair was huge! thankfully, he must have known this would be an issue because he scrunched way down in his seat and sat sort of to the side. much appreciated! the movie was pretty good, although i was disappointed in all the profanity. it doesn't bother me but my kids won't be able to see it and they're really disappointed. they loved the first movie (which was really clean) and i found it unnecessary in this one.
on saturday morning, i needed to take the kids to an event for theMr's work. he works for our juvenile court system and they partner with Habitat for Humanity so we were attending a Habitat house dedication. whenever i attend something work related with him, i try to look nice. (i, mean, come on. the guy already has five kids. i'd hate for his coworkers to meet his wife and think "wow, he's married to that frump?") towards the end of the ceremony, we were leaving when the theMr noticed that my shirt was on inside out. seriously. i was there the whole time and neither of us noticed. way to make a good impression. they probably figured i have so many kids it was a good thing i even remembered to dress myself. i'm so graceful :)
today, we actually get to relax a little. take a bike ride, sleep in, do nothing. theMr has been working side jobs for about a month now so he's been gone from morning to night every day. this mini break is much needed. hopefully i can mentally recharge before my grandmother's funeral tomorrow, where i am giving the eulogy that i wrote.
hope your weekend is going great!!

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