Friday, January 30, 2009

please pray for tuesday

as i sit here, tears streaming down my face for a family i've never met, words are failing me. i began reading this family's story and my heart is breaking for them. their daughter, tuesday, has a form of incurable cancer. today she was sent home from the hospital to die. having a child the same age, i just can't fathom. my husband probably thinks i'm crazy, to be sobbing over a complete stranger (i'm not much of a crier). you can click on the link on my page and it will take you to their page. please pray.... whatever you are doing just take a few minutes. they need all they can get. thank you

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Sassy said...

Oh this is just so heartbreaking! I just finished reading their entire blog and have not been able to stop crying ever since. I will definitely be praying for little Tuesday and her family and hugging my own little ones even more tightly tonight.