Friday, January 30, 2009

snow days

thank the Lord, the kids went back to school today! i love my kids, don't get me wrong, but they are driving me crazy! three days of being stuck in the house is too many. it's been so cold that even playing in the snow only lasts about ten minutes. i am sooo ready for spring. i need some sunshine. if i get any paler, i will be translucent. i'm ready to break out the capris. every winter i say i am going to move somewhere warm. maybe florida? but they have hurricanes and huge bugs (ugh). i'm thinking one of the carolinas? i know they can get hurricanes too, but not as often. i'd like seattle, but with my hair rain is not my friend. california sounds nice but i may be too republican to live there. surely they have some kind of political questionnaire you have to fill out before you're allowed to live there. i think hawaii would be perfect. of course, i've never been there so who knows. i just can't live in the snow belt any longer. if i could convince all of our family to come with us i'd be out of here:) but since both sets of grandparents don't look as though they're going anywhere, i guess i'm stuck here.


Saint said...

Three snow days? That's too many! We had Wednesday and a two-hour delay on Thursday. That was nice...two days to sleep in, kids home only one full day.

I am ready for spring too. I keep thinking resentfully of Al Gore...didn't he promise us global warming? Why is it so cold outside?

SamanthaNC said...

Definitley pick North Carolina- we can be neighbors :)

themrs said...

LOL saint, you'll have to read my post about global warming. i said the exact same thing!