Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my top ten pet peeves

these are just a few of the things that drive me crazy...

10. inappropriate use of common words (there, their, etc) also, people who try to use common sayings and confuse them with others. i don't know why it bothers me so much, it just does!

9. finding finger/toe nails on the coffee table. this is downright gross. they will be my kids or my husbands but either way it's awful. put them in the trash, the maid is on vacay this week.

8. bad drivers. i need a bullhorn on top of my car so they can hear what i have to say. about six months ago my horn stopped working for no apparent reason. themr says God did it so i couldn't honk at people anymore.

7. stereotypes. i try really hard not to judge a book by it's cover. i wish others would give me the same courtesy.

6. people who throw trash in my yard. we live in a pretty bad neighborhood so this is a constant. i get so tired of picking up other people's trash in my front yard.

5. people with a sense of entitlement (this one really gets to me)i have had the unfortune to know several people in my lifetime with this issue. as if the world owes them everything and they shouldn't have to work for it. get over yourself.

4. victim complexes, this kind of goes with number 5. you know what i'm talking about.. nothing is ever their fault or responsibility.

3. hypochondria. this comes from a family standpoint too :) i have quite a few of these in my immediate family. it's probably best if i don't say any more...

2. people who are rude to cashiers. how many times have you been in a store and some customer is mad about something or other and they're yelling at the cashier? as if she made the store policies or she personally made that item that wasn't right. give the poor people a break! they're only doing their jobs!!

1. people who are always late, like many members of my family. it drives me crazy. my husband feels that being on time is optional. i feel it is rude to others to show up late. we've learned to compromise. i tell him we have to be places 30 mins earlier than we do :)

what drives you crazy?


Sassy said...

Hmmmm let's see...there are so many. lol

1 People who think they are righteous enough, intelligent enough or entitled enough to not only harshly judge others, but constantly harp and gossip about it.

2 Rap and HipHop. No offense to anyone who likes this kind of music...but...yuck!

3 The insurance company denying medical claims that they are SUPPOSED to pay and me having to call them up on it. We pay to much for insurance to have to deal with that crap.

4 That people got so caught up in the "History" of electing President Obama that many forgot about really looking at the real issues. (Again no offense to anyone!)

5 The fact that a lot of society thinks that putting bleach in your hair, laying in a tanning bed, starving yourself and having fake boobs is healthy and beautiful. :(

6 How when things get hectic and the baby's crying, supper needs made, my four year old has to pee and my two year old is writing on the walls with crayon my husband has a way of disappearing. Hmmmm

7 The fact that so many people want to take Christmas and turn it into a secular holiday! If you don't agree with the true and original meaning of Christmas (Our Saviour Jesus Christ's birth)...get your own holiday!

8 People who like to drive 15mph UNDER the speed limit.

9 Telemarketers! ('nough said)

10 This dang 5 degrees below zero weather we've been having...again...yuck!

themrs said...

oooohh those are good ones! i will agree with all but #2! ( i love hip hop:) my husband likes to come in the kitchen at those times when i'm cooking and all the kids are crazy and start groping me. as if that's the time i want him touching me, then he cant understand why i get so mad!!

SamanthaNC said...

People who all but but mow me over, and when I give them a pointed "excuse me" they say "It's okay"- uhm hello, I was being sarcastice you rude imbecile, so sorry I was in your way! LOL Seriously thins happens to me all the time, am I invisible?

Oh and able bodied men who think I'm the door person. Note to men:

If I'm going through a door before you and I am nice enough to hold it till you reach the door this is not an invitation to pass through before me, I'm simply keeping it from smacking you in the face (unless you are an old man in which case I will gladly hold it for you). If you mistake me for a person who has nothing better to do than hold the door for you stand in the doorway and chat on your phone, organize your shopping bags, put your coat on, said door will abruptly smack you in your self absorbed face. I'm the lady you should be holding the door for me! The above rule also applies to able bodied teenage girls.

Ugh, I feel better now.