Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 things that make me happy....

100. laptops
99. cinnamon rolls
98. texting
97. sleeping with the windows open when it's raining
96. "Friends" reruns
95. reminiscing about the good old days
94. sleeping in
93. little old women who wear big hats to church
92. enchiladas
91. hoodies
90. acoustic guitar players
89. downttowns that have a fountain
88. christmas songs
87. weddings
86. my husband's tattoos
85. laying in a hammock with a good book
84. chubby babies
83. watching skateboarders
82. wifi
81. puppies
80. social networking sites
79. letters in the mail
78. having babies
77. umbrellas
76. down comforters
75. iced mochas
74. bedtime for the kids
73. brownies
72. sunny days
71. funny movies
70. yearbooks
69. dreadlocks
68. kisses
67. vacations
66. peanut butter &jelly
65. volkswagons
64. babies' laughs
63. fitting into my "skinny" jeans
62. birthdays
61. silver hoop earrings
60. blogs
59. snowdays
58. grey's anatomy
57. lilacs
56. crown molding
55. painted toenails
54. "starry night"
53. fuzzy slippers
52. photos
51. cable
50. laughing with a girlfriend
49. snowglobes
48. white t shirts
47. adidas shelltoes
46. tattoos
45. diamond rings
44. fairy tales
43. helping a stranger for no reason
42. a great sale
41. new school supplies
40. love stories
39. picket fences
38. little girls with pigtails
37. the tooth fairy
36. fall
35. 80's movies
34. swimming
33. learning a lesson without doing so the hard way:)
32. skiing
31. libraries
30. massages
29. post it notes
28. spring
27. sharpies
26. being comfortable in my own skin
25. making new friends
24. hot chocolate
23. book stores
22. a hot bath
21. full moon
20. being best friends with my mom
19. talk radio
18. celeb gossip
17. finding money in a pocket
16. getting a good report at the dentist
15. seeing a band live
16. good mascara
15. sushi
14. movie theaters
13. tea pots
12. having a good hair day
11. the ocean
10. splashing in puddles
9. the hokey pokey
8. my kids' conversations with each other
7. knowing that each day is a fresh start
6. scooters
5. a nice tan
4. cake
3. valentines
2. living life to the fullest
1. being blessed enough to think of 100 things in my life that make me happy!

*what are a few of your favorite things?*


SamanthaNC said...

Hey- Get out of my head lol! I love your favorites and I have your favorite things image too lol, I posted it yesterday but decided to go with Julie Andrews instead :) I Especially love rain and open windows.

Life with Kaishon said...

Did you ever see that book called 14,000 things to be happy about? This list reminded me of that book.

I love chubby babies too! Fresh squeezed orange juice is delightful. Kaish. Sabria. Naji! I could think of a million!

SassyMomma said...

HAHA! I bet you are ready for them to go back to school! I would be too! =)
I like the cold, and snow... I don't think I would like it that cold either! My sister lives in Nebraska, and it's freezing there to. The funny thing is, she DOESN'T like cold weather! HA! Then why in the world did she move to Nebraska of all places!!! =)
I am VERY jealous that you have snow though! I think I probably love and want snow soooo badly b/c we NEVER get snow here. If we do, it's like 1/2 to 1 inch. Laughable I know!
I hope school reopens on Monday so you can save your sanity! =)

Saint said...

I love a crowded church.

I love when little kids get a "secret" from someone and turn right around and tell it to you.

I love talking to my daughter after she's read a classic book for the first time (next up: Wurthering Heights!)

I love fresh sheets.

I love the emails I get from all my sisters updating me on my neices and nephews.

I think I'd love to beat someone at Monopoly, but I have only dreamed of the victory, never experienced it.

I LOVE the first day of school.

I LOVE the last day of school.

themrs said...

oohhh saint... i love fresh sheets and first and last days of school too! i always look forward to them going back to school because by august, they're driving me crazy! but i always love when school lets out so i don't have to get up so early! when you said "crowded churches" i had this mental picture of a sanctuary full of people and you sitting up front with this glow around you, you know, being a saint and all LOL

Saint said...

I sit in the middle, but I keep the halo polished! :)