Saturday, January 10, 2009

what are they doing at that school?

my kindergartener was sent home from school yesterday with a sore throat. themr took him to the dr this morning and he has strep throat. before nap time, he was complaining that he needed medicine for his throat. he informed me that he wanted what the nurse gave him because it worked the best. the conversation went like this:

me: what did the school nurse give you?

him: it was purple and it worked the best.

me: what was it called?

him: ummmm... i think it was called alcohol. yeah, that's it. it was grape alcohol. after she gave it to me i felt much better.

me: alcohol? are you sure that's the name?

him: no wait, it was called tylenol! i want some purple tylenol.

uh, ok. i'm relieved to know that they're not giving my six year old alcohol at his private christian school, LOL!


Sassy said...

lol That is just too cute! Don't kids say the darndest things? :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Laughed my head off : ). Do you know what we swear by at our house? Triaminic strips. Kaish HATES medicine. Like hates it so much, you might think murder is occuring if you walked by when we are trying to give it to him... So those strips are GREAT! You have to try them.

PS You look great. Very pretty and skinny. I am happy for you!