Saturday, April 2, 2011

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happy saturday morning! while i should be making my grocery list, i'm sitting in my favorite chair letting my mind wander while my kids terrorize the house. theMr is working (again) and it's just us. you know you are desperate when you are hiring a sitter to go to the store alone. i just can't handle doing the "big" shopping trip with them all... no thanks!

i started running this week. i know for a normal person this is probably not earth shattering news...however, i am no normal person! i've never run, i have asthma and i need to lose a lot of baby weight. so i'm trying the couch to 5K plan. how's it going, you ask? i want to die. i want to curl up on the ground and self destruct. it's going that well! my body is in full on rejection mode. my asthma is a mess and my shins feel like they are breaking in half. so all in all, it's going well!

i perused a few new blogs this week. i don't normally do that (i hardly have time to read my "regulars"). i found myself comparing mine to theirs. never a good idea. someone will always be more spiritual or have a better house or perfect looking children or be really skinny while pregnant. they will not be typing their post while a one year old puts syrupy hands in their hair or wondering why their dryer never turns off on it's own. they will not be pretending they do not hear their older children fighting like MMA. (well, maybe that one). but then they wouldn't be me. so that's ok. i just have to keep assuming that those few who read here aren't looking for those things! haha!

on a totally unrelated side note, do you know what totally kills a late night romantic moment? your baby throwing up large amounts of corn, in her crib, in your bedroom. nothing like a midnight load of laundry and emergency bath to spice things up!

happy weekend :)

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Girl Child said...

i started taking spin class not too long ago.. it might be a good idea for u.. its not aerobics.. its anaerobics.. meaning it doesn't make u pant like running does.. so it's MUCH easier on the lungs.. but you still burn a million calories and sweat ur tushy off.. if u don't have a gym membership.. maybe even going for a bike ride might be tons more enjoyable for u. it has totally toned my tummy butt and thighs.. ok well not totally, but i do notice them tighter after doing it 3x a week for 2.5 months.. just spreading my newfound knowledge ;)