Sunday, April 3, 2011

a REAL day in the life... in pictures

do you wanna know what a real day in my life looks like? no? well, i'm gonna tell you anyway! more directly, i'm gonna show you.

this is how i start my day. with a rested, enthusiastic one year old ready to have her morning waffle and juice. cause we're health food conscious like that.

this is my lifeblood. the very essence of my survival. and it tastes different if not in my super fantastic vampire mug. everything is just a little better when vamped :)

this is the most generic cell phone one can own. it doesn't even take video. can you believe someone as social media-ized as myself doesn't have a smart phone?? this phone isn't even a "meets adequate grade level" phone. i have to update my status by text message. it's like i'm stuck in 1999. but you'll never see me without it.

gotta dress a baby...

and kiss a baby...

i wipe a lot of noses. snotty ones. this guy in particular has allergies which pretty much give him a permanent runny nose. did you catch that? it's permanent. it never goes away.

lunch is never a big production. more of a "what-foods-can-i-throw-on-plate-and-still-feel-like-a-good-mother" kind of thing. as you can see.

every errand, appointment or activity requires two carseats, two boosters and one seatbelt. is it any wonder it takes me ten minutes to pull away from the house?

this is my beloved. my laptop. self explanatory :) it resides in my favorite chair right next to a big window.

my other must have? crockpot. because i am just too tired by 5 o'clock to put together a decent dinner. it's my saving grace.

bath time!

the reason i do all of this? because they are totally worth it.

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Sassy said...

Beautiful family! That first picture of Esme is adorable.. I could just squeeze her! And I HAVE to get a mug like that! I keep waiting for this vampire thing to phase out. It hasn't get. Though I'm sure it would help if I would stop reading the books! lol