Wednesday, April 6, 2011

top ten things i should own stock in....

10. playdoh. as much as it ends up smushed into my carpet and wood floors, i could be making a profit buying more!!

9. poison control. i know, i know, they aren't a corporation! but if they were, and they earned money from each call made, i'd be making them rich.

8. pacifiers. where do they go?? we either have 8 of them on hand or only one that we are guarding like the crown jewel. i cannot even fathom how many i've purchased over the years.

7. tylenol. now, at the risk of making us sound like really bad parents, i have to be honest with you. just about any malady expressed in this house results in a prayer to Jesus and a dose of tylenol. do the two contradict one another? maybe. but i'm too tired to even go into that one. let's just say that my kids probably think that little formula cures anything from a tummy ache to leprosy.

6. toilet paper. good Lord... i know we have a lot of bottoms around here... but we cannot possibly need as much toilet paper as we use. it's ridiculous. it really is.

5. bandaids. if tylenol can't fix it, bandaids can. what's that dear? you cut off your thumb? well no worries, mommy has buzz lightyear bandaids!

4. nutrigrain bars. these littler kids are addicted to nutrigrain bars. but only the green ones (apple). not the purple. the purple enrages them.

3. laundry detergent. i would say that one is self explanatory.

2. baby wipes. we seriously use these things for everything. diaper changes, face and hand cleaning, stain removal, anything sticky. we use a lot of wipes.

1. well, this one would be a tie between pregnancy prevention items and pregnancy tests. obviously we've not used enough of one and too much of the other. you do the math.

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Sassy said...

Yeah that about covers it! Although I would add diapers and milk. Two things we go through like crazy!