Friday, April 22, 2011

flashback friday!

Top Ten Ways to Know you are getting Old!

10. you are super excited when your parents get you a AAA membership for christmas, like really excited.

9. you read the back of packages in the store. and you can only do so if you remembered to bring your glasses.

8. if you had your choice, the perfect night out would be getting a sitter and taking a nap.

7. you know all about things like pensions and health insurance and you feel really blessed to have both.

6. your kids ask if they had color tv when you were a kid.

5. you've been married for a third of your life.

4. you'd rather hang out with your mom than most people you know.

3. you have friends on their second or third marriage.

2. 50 suddenly seems awfully young.

1. you make friends online because you are too tired to leave the house. and then you meet up with them in real life!

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