Thursday, April 21, 2011

just another day in the life...

in the interest of full disclosure... just so you don't get confused and think my kids are perfect...or that i'm the perfect mom... here's a little story for you! as you know, i strive to help you feel better about your own parenting by sharing the pitfalls of're welcome! so, the bedtime routine around here starts at 7:30. i put esme to bed then and send the three middle kids upstairs. they brush teeth and get clothes out for the next day and whatnot. while they are doing this, i take my shower before reading our nightly chapter book. (right now we're reading the narnia books!) anyway, last night i'm in the shower when the princess starts banging on the bathroom door screaming for me. i open it (dripping wet) for her to tell me that zaza fell out the window. yes, you read that right. he fell out of the second story window. i am not kidding you. i come running out of the bathroom soaking wet and wrapped in a tiny towel to find him coming upstairs. he got up, went to the front door and rang the doorbell. isn't that what you would do if you fell out of the window? i am, of course, frantically checking his body for injuries but he seems to be ok. upon further questioning they tell me that they dismantled the window (as in actually managed to remove the whole window from the frame) and then while leaning out of it the little guy pushed zaza. seriously? are you kidding me? you can't make stuff like this up! in the ten minutes i was in the shower they manage to do all of this? why?! are they out to get me? is this payback for making them do chores? do they want me to go to jail? (don't answer that) so we monitored him last night and although he seems to be fine, theMr is taking him to the doctor this morning just to be sure. i've asked them to run a few tests on his brain function and reasoning skills while he's there. obviously there's a glitch somewhere!

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