Monday, April 25, 2011

an easter like that of norman rockwell....

so theMr and i had quite a fight yesterday. normally when we have an argument, we'll stay mad for an hour or so and then something funny will happen and we laugh and we're over it. partly because neither of us are much of grudge-holders and partly because we're both so ADD we can't remember what we were fighting about. anyway, we had this big argument yesterday morning while getting ready for church. i won't go into the details, as i'd hate for everyone on the entire internet to realize how grossly wrong he was, so we'll just say that it was your typical division of labor argument. the kind that i would guess every married couple in the world has. well, except for rich people who have nannies and maids. but i digress... so we managed to be so irritated with one another that by the time we got to church we were both livid. this is always super fun. where you are walking through the parking lot ready to throw down right there until you walk through the doors. then it's all smiles and "hi, how are you!?" and "happy easter!" while you both pretend you that you actually like each other and that you do not want to rip that Easter hat right off his head and .... oh sorry. i got sidetracked again. now it's rare that we manage to stay mad at each all through church but apparently this was some kind of holiday doozy because afterwards we were still mad! we had a (tense) easter egg hunt at my parents and went home. now here's the kicker, sunday is date night. i can honestly say that at that moment, the last thing either of us wanted to do was spend three hours alone together. but if you cancel date night because you are mad at each other i'm pretty sure that's a sign that you are one step away from separate beds! so i decide to try and work things out...

"go ahead, say whatever you need to say so we can get over this and have a date"
(i'm quite the communicator, huh? i should offer seminars)

"i'm just waiting for you to apologize and then it will be fine!"
(he's not so smooth at the working it out)

needless to say, we did manage to work it out. i'm not sure who officially won but i'll guess it was me since i'm smarter and always right.
i'm sure it was him because i'm a good, submissive wife like that.

obviously we're the picture of a healthy married couple. i'm sure you are all super jealous of our picket fence life. hope your Easter was good :)

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Elle said...

It took my hubby over 12 years of being married to ever offer up an apology to me and that was only because I was pregnant and I'm sure he knew I was hormonal enough to literally rip his head off. And we are always right. No really, we are. ;)