Wednesday, April 28, 2010

living a life of blessing...

sometimes i am overwhelmed by the blessing in my life. i look at these five perfect children, at this home that keeps us warm and safe, at this man who walks with a crying baby, at this life that continues to bring me joy in the midst of trials and struggle. how did i get so lucky? i know it can be nothing in me, for i am totally unworthy of all that has been bestowed upon me. i was standing this morning swaying the baby as she slept in my arms. and all the sleepless nights, all the colic, all the worry and money and stresses are totally worth it as i watch her eyelids flicker from dreams and her sweet lips smile at whatever her little mind is showing her in her slumber. i was overcome at how incredibly blessed i truly am. there is a song that never fails to bring tears to my eyes as it just speaks to my heart as a mother. i have to share the lyrics with you!

I will take up all your tears
Salty tissues through the years
Spread them in the sun to dry
Diamonds from each time you cry

I will treasure all your teeth
Your laughter and the pearls beneath
Keep them in a cardboard box
Through the tickings and the tocks

I will gather all your hair
Floating in the sultry air
We will make a braid of gold
For you to keep when you are old

Now I kiss your milky skin
Sheet of silk and soul within
Put this kiss upon your brow
Treasure you as you are now

you can hear this beautiful lullaby here

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