Monday, May 3, 2010

rolemodels and little girls

holy cow~ do you see this picture?? theMr and i were out shopping recently and came across this barbie doll. can you see what she's wearing? i'm supposed to buy this for my little girls? are you kidding??? this kind of thing frustrates me to no end. as every mother does, i desire to raise my daughters (& sons!) with a healthy body image, confidence and self esteem. how am i supposed to do that when everything from the disney channel to barbie dolls are encouraging them to have perfect bodies and dress like tiny hookers? i remember when i was young, i had a cousin who wasn't allowed to play with barbies. as a child, i thought that was absurd. as a mother of daughters, i get it. so how do i give them healthy role models? i would love to believe that i will be their role model, and to some extent i will be, but realistically there will be others. i can control what they watch on tv, who they hang out with (for now at least!) and what toys i buy them. i cannot, however, lock them in our house until they are grown monitoring every image their little eyes see. (as appealing as that sounds!) so i guess i just try to model a healthy self image and closely monitor what they are seeing on tv and hope for the best. oh yeah, and not buy them "street walker barbie" ~


PennsylvaniaBelle said...

Have you seen Brat dolls? They are total floozies!

themrs said...

i know! i don't even allow those in my house :( welcome!