Friday, April 23, 2010

do you know what is one of the hardest parts of mothering? doing so when you're sick. like i am today. because while this job is full of perks (you've seen my cute baby, right?) it does not tend to offer much in the way of sick time. theMr would super helpful if he was here, but he's working. so it's just me and the kids and the babysitting fellow too. it's hard to be a good mom (or babysitter) when you're hoping that maybe you'll just keel over and die. i just have a bad cold, so it's really not like i'm dying of cancer or anything, but i am miserable. i've let these kids watch tv all morning in the hopes that i can not get off the couch. of course, miss esme is having no part in that. my BFF rachel knew i was feeling bad so she stopped over with an iced cappuccino. that's a good friend! hopefully i can rest when they all take a nap so that i can make it through the evening. i can put them to bed at 6 tonight, right?

but if there is one ray of light on this day? it would be the new Eclipse trailer, just released here
be still my heart....

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Sassy said...

Being sick while taking care of kids can be miserable! I hope you feel better soon!

Also, Eclipse? OMG! I didn't realize it was possible to get more excited until now! lol