Wednesday, April 7, 2010


12 months... 365 days...
a million and one moments without you
trying to move on, trying to find peace
trying to grasp what Lord wants to do

trusting in Him
what we can't understand
knowing your life
is still in His hands

early in the morning,
joy promised to come
but deep in the darkness
still missing the sun.

then we're reminded
what we know to be true
the Lord knew your life story
before creating you

He knew you'd be young
on the day you came Home
He knew we would miss you
and feel so alone
but lives would be changed
from the mark that you left
a legacy of hope
would be your last gift.

that time heals all wounds,
somewhat may be true
it can't fill the void
in our hearts from you

we trust in the Lord
in His plan we rely
for He understands
his own son had to die

if hannah were here
to see all these tears
she's surely remind us
and relieve all our fears
"i'm dancing with Jesus
i'm never alone
i'm praising my savior
at the feet of his throne.
you'll see me again
when you're time has come
we'll rejoice here together
and worship as one."

on this day we praise Him
for His perfect plan
for letting us know her
and helping us stand
all of you're promises
yes and amen
our hope is in you Lord
we'll see her again.

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