Friday, April 16, 2010

the nervous breakdown update :)

i promised i'd update on the couseling session. i had planned to several days ago but i needed some time to process. it definitely went well. in some ways it was overwhelming to hear myself put all the issues into words but it was so freeing. there's certainly something to be said for getting it all off of your chest. especially when you are, by nature, someone who holds it in. i feel hopeful that there is sunshine on the horizon. that i'm not too damaged to be repaired. that i'm not quite as crazy as i feared :) i think the biggest step for me is to give myself permission to not always be on my A game, you know? enough of the seriousness for this week...

i'm going to try to post some pics later tonight if i ever get around to uploading them! i took the many children to a political rally last night while theMr was working. after approximately seven minutes of being quiet and standing still they were finished. so we wandered to some nearby grass and trees and took pics instead. some of them turned out really well. i have to eventually learn how to use my camera so i can consistantly take good pics. i should take a class. in my free time. i have so much of it you know!

i'm also going to try and get back to the normal vibe of this blog. it's hard to be funny sometimes when life is so unhumorous. (is that a word? i'm not sure) my goal has always been to give a window into my every day while infusing humor as opposed to tears, lol. i'll work on getting back to that. no more talk of death and breakdowns and whatnot. :)

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Mile High Mom said...

My nervous breakdown came in November. I've been there. It sucks, but does get better.